Campania Lures the 10” Bait Boards with 3.5" Promar Bait Knife!

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Limited while supplies last! Bait Board with 3.5" Stainless Steel Bait Knife, or Bait Board only.

Hand made with Aloha, our 10”x 3.5” Bait Boards are made out of Pine or Douglas Fur wood. Hand torched for strength, 2 coats of chopping block oil, and 2 coats wood wax and conditioner are applied. Our leash is made out of an all natural, water resistant Manila Rope. Our signature Campania Logo is Torched using a hand branding iron. Small and convenient to attach on your cooler!


*Disclaimer:Due to the nature of the sap in certain pieces of wood, Branded Logo's will vary in color and evenness. The torched iron will not burn spots with natural sap/oil still present in the wood* Mahalo for understanding!