Gardenia Brighamii Jigs.

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Gardenia brighamii, commonly known as nānū, naʻu, or forest gardenia, is a species of flowering plant in the coffee family endemic to Hawaii. The total population of G. brighamii is between 15 and 19 trees. There are only two plants in the wild on Oʻahu and one on the Big Island. Major threats to the survival of this species include loss of dry forest habitat and the establishment of invasive species, such as fountain grass (Pennisetum setaceum).

Native Hawaiians made kua kuku (kapa anvils) and pou (house posts) from the wood of nānū. A yellow kapa dye was derived from the fruit pulp. The white, fragrant flowers are used in lei. Today, it is grown as an ornamental plant on the islands.

 25% of proceeds will be donated to the Hawaii Wildlife Center at the end of each month till January 2022.

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