Core color Bloodworms 20+ colors to choose from!

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Perfect for Halalu, Akule, Menpachi, Opelu, and bottom fishing for Nabeta! Bloodworms available in 12 pack, 60 pack, and 120 packs. Please use drop down tap to select color and pack size.

-Opelu Gold -Firecracker -Obake Purps -Yooda Glow, -Pele Glow, -Obake purple and Green Glows, -Jade, -Jade Hologram, -Purple Haze Glow, -Opae Chameleon, -Chameleon, -Electric Cloud, -Opae, -Oama, -Cleopatra, -Revolver, -Opae2, -Anjeri, -Kandy, -Abalone, -Electric Nehu, -Electric Revolver

*Just added NEW COLORS!* 1/6/21