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Ball Jighead Size 1 Weedless Hook.

Ball Jighead Size 1 Weedless Hook.

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Hand poured at the shop, our jigheads are tailored for our Chargers, Grubs, and Idako's, the weight and hook is ideal for our flats to target Oio/Papio. No bubble float needed, we recommend a lighter setup for the flats. Recommend pairing with our Li hing Chargers/Idako's, Stalker Chargers/Idako's, Obake Brownie Chargers/Idako's and BTH Chargers/Idako's.

Comes in assortmant of colors, 1/16oz or 1/8oz, single packs are sold in 3's. Bulk Packs are sold in 12's.

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